Sunday, April 10, 2011


So here's blog three! I've been kind of addicted to this blog thing trying to make sure it looks perfect and whatnot but I'm scared I'll forget about it in like a week! It happens...I'll absolutely LOVE something for a little bit and forget's sad I know. And I never know what to blog about!! hahaha I don't want it to be like my diary cause people are going to see but I still want it to be meaningful. I think for now I'll just write stuff that's kind of going on in my life (lol as I wrote that sentence Haylea asks, "Are you writing about liife?" It made me happy(:
I love my roommates SO HARD! Greta, Haylea, and Alexa are just amazing. Mogann doesn't live in our room but she's been kind of adopted. I love all of them so much and am so lucky to have gotten to live with them for my first year of college. I've learned so much with a new family. We all get along and are one of the few rooms that still have four people in in because we're all friends and we love each other. Greta and Alexa are so funny, how they both try to be the mom! They're both so smart and full of advice, they want to share it all! But Morgann and Haylea have great advice too. Morgann always seems to know just what to do! And Haylea knows everything to say, I love talking to my Hales. We hang out a lot and have so much fun and she never judges me and is the best listener when I usually just want to let things out not looking for counsel. We like to talk a lot in our room. Haha well I'm usually a bum that goes to bed before everyone else so I miss out sometimes. But I love joking around with them and talking. We have a thing called "Ragamuffin" where we just sit and talk about stuff. And we have a Quote Wall!
lol oops, not the best picture...accident

But there's lots of thing that we say that aren't on the wall. hahah we all have like changed the way we talk! I kind of wish I could analyze what how we all talked before we were together and see what all we've picked up from each other! CLEARLY we now randomly point at each other with out whole hand rather than one finger hahah...deee. There's bunch of other stuff we do, but i basically have the worst memory ever.
We hang out at Walmart a lot. Lol there's not much to do in BV, but today we Lexi, Hales, and I went to the river! It was great! (Can we talk about how [another thing we say] every time I try to write "greta" or "great" I mix them up.) We got stuck in mud.....but that's not exactly why it was fun. It was a little bit terrifying actually. We almost fell in multiple times and the water was freezing and Alexa had her camera. Haylea did end up fallling in, but not all the way. I went to rescue her glasses. Yet I still had lots of fun. Screamed a lot....I do that sometimes. Accident (another thing we say).
This semester is almost over!! Lexi is getting married to her Bearingtonnn(: They're so cute and I love them. He's a great guy and fun to hang out with and Lexi is amazing of obviously. Greta's getting different housing next semester and Morgann's leaving for a mission. Haylea and I are going to try and room togetherr! She better be coming back because I love her.
And summer is going to be crazy until then! I have to get a job and live in a new town. My daddy just retired from the military and we'll be moving into a new town when I get home. Well it's not really hommmme. And I can't really go back and visit cause my old town doesnt have any of my friends there anymore anyway because they move for the military, so here's to starting fresh! Hope it works out :] I miss being with my youth group and ward when I was there right before I left but everyone's all left so it's a new group there, but I'm just glad I got to be with them while i had the chance!
Well goodness I sure wrote a whole lot....sorry for the rambling guys!! But there you go!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Robey, Haylea, and Jeremy apparently!

So this was the activity of choice last Friday evening for Haylea and I was chalk-drawing! We started with the front of main hall and tried a portrait of the school...each of us doing half and it came out a little disproportional. But that's ok! We also drew the beach. Mine had mountains, but here's Haylea's with a sunsetttt.

We made our way to Robey and did some extreme decorating

That's a beach ball.
We drew lots of thing like a yellow brick road and a unicorn and then decided it should all be dedicated to our friend Jeremy!

Yes...we sure did.

He liked it.
WE LOVE JEREMY! He just left so we're a little sad but he was fun! Didn't seem to know anything though....we asked him lots of questions. Ones kind of like, "when's your birthday?" His response? "I don't know." ....ok? We miss him. He can fit in the children's seats in the Walmart carts!
Anywaaaays, there's our chalk masterpieces!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

I just really really wanted to be with an animal this morning cause they make me so happy. Then I saw a cat! I was SO EXCITED...except for when it wouldn't let me pet it. So I left a little disappointed until a really sweet lady passed me walking her dog. The dog was happy to let my pet her(: yay puppies <3 Oh my gosh, i love dogs so muchhh! I see a dogs everywhere that my friends usually don't notice haha and...sometimes i see dog when they aren't there. Once upon a time I was with my friends Alex Fossum and Amanda Johnson back at Fort Bragg and from the corner of my eye I saw for black legs and a tail. Upon exclaiming "Puppy!!" Alex and Mandy informed me that it was definitely a whenever we pass cows it's now "Rachel look at the puppies." hahah But yes, I love dogs!

I'm glad i have Pig with meeee,
she's the little stuffed animal dog
my sister Danielle gave
me that looks like my baby girl. I miss
Lizzie  soooo much! So I have
the little dog with me. I was kind
of distraught for a few seconds
when I lifted up my heavy backpack
off of my bed and
found Pig very very squished.

...except for the fact that it was really funny. hahah SHE'S OKAY!

This is me and her this past winter break...i miss her lottttss
One more month!